tibbitsIt rained today. I hate water, but wanted to go outside anyway. When I snuck through the front door, I got my paws all wet in the rain water and complained for minutes about that! No stroller ride for me today. I was sad, so went to take a long nap after drying my paws off. Then I did some internet research and found some interesting things. I’m going to share what I found, since I can’t post any pictures of a stroller ride today.

Today, there were Black Cat Friday Deals!!! I’m only sorry I didn’t post it sooner, since the proceeds from these deals were being donated to animal shelters nationwide. And since I came from an animal shelter, I always like to try to give back when I can. Maybe, if we’re lucky, they’ll extend the deals through the weekend. Wouldn’t that be fabulous?

In Riga, Latvia, there’s a building known as the Cat House because it has two cat statues perched on top of it. Rumor has it that the cats were placed there as an act of revenge when a business owner was denied entrance to the Great Guild. That’ll teach those people at the Great Guild to deny entrance to a cat-lover! And what a fabulous story of feline revenge; right up my alley!

Also, there’s a Roman cat sanctuary in Italy called Torre Argentina. They have some videos of the kitties they help save, rescue and love. They work to spay and neuter kitties, even ones not directly in their care. They do so much work, but they don’t have an actual shelter. The kitties live amongst old ruins, and the volunteers and workers go in every day to feed, clean and care for these kitties who have no real roof over their heads. I’ve always wanted to visit Rome; someday, if I can get there, I’ll volunteer to help clean the bowls!

In New York, there’s a place called Commercial Street Cat Village. In New York, as is the case with most places, there are some feral and stray cats wandering around the city. Well, an organization called Neighborhood Cats has adopted these feral kitties, set up shelters for them, and is caring for them. I’ve always wanted to visit New York, too. And I think those New York street cats are tough; maybe I can learn something from them. N’ah, I’ll stick with my stroller!

In Cali, Columbia, there’s a whole park dedicated to cats. It’s called Parque El Gato de Tejada! They have statues of all sorts of kitties there. How cool is that?

And in Amsterdam, there’s a whole museum devoted to kitties. It’s called Kattenkabinet. You can take a virtual tour, which I did, of course. You really must try the virtual tour; it’s awesome. So much to see!! And all about cats, too! I really must go there to visit! I do love to travel so!

Well, that’s my post for today. Maybe I’ll be able to go on a stroller ride tomorrow. There might even be some Christmas lights up already!


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