It finally happened! I finally got to go on my stroller ride. The first picture is of me ready to go!! The second one is where I’m getting sleepy and ready to come home. Phew, it takes a lot out of a cat to go strolling around the neighborhood! But it was a nice day out today, almost chilly enough for my coat (which you can see on the bottom of my stroller in the 2nd picture). My coat is awfully warm, though, and today wasn’t that chilly!

Ma didn’t want to go out with me at night yet to see the Christmas Lights. She doesn’t think there’s enough of them up, yet, to make it worthwhile. I’m eager to see the Maddux Family Annual Christmas Lights, which ma says were just fabulous last year! When I get done with this post, I’m going to go right over to their facebook page and like them so I can keep up-to-date on when those are done. Then I’m going to make ma walk me over there to see them! I’m so excited; I can’t wait!


Guess what else I did today? I discovered that there are 2 … yes 2 animal museums right here in L.A. (I live in the boonies … you can’t get much farther outside of L.A. before actually leaving it). The first one is called the National Museum of Animals & Society. They were actually just able to open up in an actual location, rather than being a virtual museum, in East Hollywood. I wish they’d let me go on a tour of it, but sadly, they allow service animals only. Do therapy cats count? I’m not one of those, either, but I love people and want to become a therapy cat someday. I’d love to visit people in nursing homes, hospice care and hospitals. I know how lonely it can get in one of those places (I was in the hospital to have a toe removed a few years ago). I’d love to cheer someone up by purring on their lap or playing with toys with them. Ma says getting certified is expensive, though. So sad.

The second animal museum is in Pasadena. It’s called the Animal History Museum. I’d offer to check out their cat display to make sure everything’s in order, but sadly they only allow service animals, too.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is another nice day for another stroller ride. Hopefully I won’t get so sleepy this time!

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