Introducing my sister!

babypensI have a younger sister kitty named Penny (not siblings by blood). She was brought to Oakland Animal Services as a kitten (Oakland Animal Services does a lot of great work!!!). Penny had really bad infections in her eyes and probably couldn’t see anything more than shadows. She had to have her eyes removed when she was just a baby because they were so diseased and would never work again. The fabulous people at Berkeley Humane Society had rescued her, providing Oakland Animal Services with a bit of much needed space to save more animals. Berkeley Humane did the eye surgery for her before she came home to live with me. The picture of her on the left is actually her as a kitten at the Oakland Shelter before Berkeley Humane Took her on. Berkeley Humane even posted a blog all about her (which you can see here).

Penny has no idea that she’s any different than any other cat. I knew she was a bit different, though, when I’d raise my paw at her as a warning to knock off her kitten antics and she just plain ignored me. I had to learn to hiss, which I’d never done before (well, except maybe that time when I was forced to take a bath – it took an army to hold me down and a really savvy vet tech to wash me). And, when me and Penny were playing, I had to learn to stomp around the house so that she could here me and chase me; none of this stealth kitty stuff was working.

I also have a cousin whose name is Salem. He’s in the video, playing with Penny (Salem’s the black and white one – duh). Those two are kind of annoying when they play; they’re so loud and they can play for hours. And boy do I mean hours (mom had to kick Salem out of the bedroom one night because he and Penny were still playing hard after 3 hours – mom foolishly thought they’d knock it off on their own, but they didn’t).

In any case, I love my little sister and can sometimes be found giving her a bath … that is when she’s not giving herself a bath. Yes, that’s right – she loves getting in the bath, even when there’s water in it! Yuck!!!

Well, that’s all for today. Enjoy the video; it’s short and sweet.


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