Holiday Travels with Your Cat, Part 3

So, part 3 is on hotels everyone. Aren’t you excited? I know I am!

S30A0066Finding pet-friendly hotels isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Because so many people take their pets with them, more hotels are now trying to accommodate them. That doesn’t mean that everywhere you go, you’ll be welcome with your kitty. And not all pet packages are equal. Take, for instance, the hotels that require you to keep your pet in a crate while you’re not in the room. Me? Or any cat? In a crate? No thank you! Us kitties would prefer you steer away from those types of hotels.

Then there are the hotels that offer pet beds for loan, engraved bowls, and gift baskets full of treats and toys. Now that’s the kind of service I’m talking about! Any good feline demands a high level of service! But alas, sometimes that’s not in the budget.

Additionally, some hotels charge a fee for having pets with you. Other hotels don’t. The hotels that charge you sometimes have a low, one-time fee whereas others tack on one small fee per day you’re booked in the hotel room. The largest one-time fee I’ve seen is $75 (but it wouldn’t surprise me if there were higher one-time fees out there somewhere), the smallest $25. Daily fees seem to range between $10 and $25 dollars (although it can cost more).

So how do you go about booking pet-friendly hotels and motels? Well, if you go to the website of your hotel of choice and can’t find a pet policy on their website, call and ask them about it. There are also websites like Pets Welcome , Pet Hotels of America, and Pet Friendly Hotels.

Some of my favorite websites for pet-friendly hotels (most of which appear dog-oriented – boo hiss) are:

  • The Trump Collection Hotels offering an in-room dining menu, water bowl with accompanying bottled water, toys, and a map of the city highlight dog-friendly…. Nevermind about that last part
  • Nine Zero in Boston has a “Tail in One City” package that includes an overnight stay in a deluxe room, designer pet welcome amenity, pet bowls, pet bed placed in the room, pet sitting, pet grooming, pet walking, and pet massage services.
  • Kimpton Hotels also have a pet-friendly policy. They have no size limits and charge no fees for pets in your room. They also offer pet beds, pet dishes, water and snacks in the lobby, personal greetings from the management (nice touch, Kimpton!), and a Director of Pet Relations at some locations (beware all cats: these Directors of Pet Relations are all dogs!!!)
  • And Phineas Swann in Vermont offers deluxe dog spa package. If they offered the same to cats, I’d be there in two shakes of a lamb’s tail!

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