Want a Pretty Kitty?

The video below is of a kitty named Mamalusah. She’s been at Berkeley Animal Care Services since September 18th. I originally came from there, too. I know the people who work there are super friendly to all the kitties (and the doggies, too), they have some great volunteers who play with the kitties, and they all care about the fate of each and every one of us who come under their care. All that being said, they are a city shelter with all the demands placed on every city shelter in the United States: they must take in every last stray that comes their way, often leaving their facilities overcrowded. And, having lived at a shelter myself, I know it’s not any fun to be there. It’s scary and stressful. And 3 months is a really long time, which takes its toll on us kitties. So please, please, if you’re considering adopting a kitty, please check out Mamalusah. She could really use a home. Or if you’re not in Berkeley, look for the cats who’ve been in the shelter a while. There’s nothing wrong with the kitties who take time to find a home; they just often get overlooked because of their color or the stress they’re under or because they might seem shy at the shelter. I guarantee that most every cat will bloom in a home; don’t take what you see in the cage for the true personality of the cat – what you see is only what we let out in a really scary, noisy environment. Please consider adopting Mamalusah – give her a home for Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Want a Pretty Kitty?

  1. Thank you for posting this, Todd. She is such a beautiful girl and I’ll bet if she was an orange tabby like you, she wouldn’t still be in the shelter. It’s so hard for the black kitties to find homes and that’s just not fair!!

  2. If I could lend her my stripes to help her get adopted, I would. When I was staying at the shelter, I heard some people say they didn’t want black kitties because they’re too common … but I’ve seen lots of orange tabbies, too. How come we’re not too common? Poor little black kitties get a bad rap! But I think they’re are beautiful! And they go with absolutely everything! It doesn’t matter what color blanket they claim as their own or what color pillow they hog, they’ll always look fabulous!

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