Fred, the Cat


Fred, the cat

This is Fred, the cat. Mom says she just gave him that name; she doesn’t know what his real name is or if he even had one. He likes to sleep in our backyard. I want to introduce myself to him, but mom says no. She says he might seem chill about other kitties from a distance, but that he’s an unfixed street cat who’s tougher than he looks, and he might not like me as much as I like him. Mom calls him a lovebug, though. She wishes there were somewhere she could take him that was safe, but the shelters here are so over crowded with animals already that she doesn’t want to drop him off at one of those. She also says that he needs to be fixed, but he’s not feral, so there aren’t any programs she can use to cover the costs of fixing a kitty that isn’t ours. If anyone has any ideas on where this guy might be able to go, or on how to get him fixed, please do comment below!


3 thoughts on “Fred, the Cat

  1. Hey Todd, sorry you won’t be able to make a new friend. Will you ask your mom what the cheapest neuter would cost in your area? Would she be willing to trap him and take him to the neuter clinic? If the price is right I would be happy to cover the cost. As you so well know – neuter is cuter. Let me know what you find out.

  2. Mom has her last final for school today, but says she’ll look into costs when that’s done (she found one place far away for $75, but you have to have proof the cat is vaccinated …otherwise, they charge you for that, too, and there’s more charges if the cat is over 5 years old, and we have no idea how old Fred is).

    Mom thinks she can lure Fred into a carrier with some food, but she’s not sure if he’ll ever trust her again after that. At least he’d be neutered, though.

    And I’m neutered and I think I’m pretty darned cute, so you must be right … neuter IS cuter!!!

  3. Mom thinks she found a place that will neuter Fred for free (they’re called Fix Nation and aren’t too far away). The only downside is that she’ll have to wait until January to go to a TNR training. She’s asked if she can be excused from the training since she knows how to trap kitties, but she’ll go if it’s part of the requirement for getting Fred Neutered. So this sounds like some good news!

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