Ticket to Drive

It’s official!!! I can legally drive my stroller now! I’m not sure my height is correct, though. I think I’m taller than that. And what’s with the stupid picture? Why does every cat I know have a bad driver’s license picture?

Whatever! I’m ready to go cruising around the neighborhood in my green stroller with my new driver’s license. Mom won’t hand over the keys, though. She says she still thinks of me as her little boy. Bah humbug!!!

2 thoughts on “Ticket to Drive

  1. Dude, you are way taller than that! Did your mom fill that in? They always think we’re small, aka, kittens. Congrats on the license. I see you have the catnip restriction which is a big bummer but not as big a bummer as being thrown into the slammer for driving while under the influence. Rotten food in the slammer or at least that’s what I hear. Well, let me know when you’re motoring north so I can get my ride pimped out and ready to roll. Signed, your friend FINN

    • Dude, Finn, my mom totally filled in it. I told her I was 6’2″, but she didn’t listen. And I’m coming north as soon as I can break into my mom’s safe to get the stroller keys!

      And slammer food sounds horrible!!! I guess no catnip while driving for me. I’d have a hard time seeing out the window anyway; I tend to flop over when I get stoned on the nip!

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