fintodI was going through some photos today, and came across an oldie but goodie. This is me and Finn, hanging at the beach. I only wish I could have gotten a photo of me and Finn with Anders, too. We’re good pals and I miss hissing at Finn and ignoring Anders. Best of buds!

I’m a Dapper Dan Man

My mom loves me in this tuxedo. If I do say so myself, I think I look rather dashing in it. There’s a blue one, too, that mom thinks I’d look good in, but I don’t think the blue one would go nearly as well with my green hot-rod stroller! This picture was done by the fabulous J.S. I think she should go pro with that photo-taking ability of hers!


Emergency Services

cat freaking outHave you ever thought about what you’d do if there were a disaster in your area? Say a tornado, fire, earthquake or tsunami? I live in California near the coast, so we often worry about earthquakes and possible tsunamis from those earthquakes. We also have fires in California and sometimes those get closer to home than my mom would like (her lungs have been irritated by 2 fires here in Southern California since we moved her almost 2 years ago), so we worry about those, also. And have you ever wondered what kind of emergency kit you should have for your cat? Well, I have some suggestions for you! There are some important things you will need to have on hand, some of which can probably be kept in the trunk of your car (like a bag of cat litter … I hear that’s even useful in winter time if your stroller – er, I mean car – gets stuck in the snow). Other things you’ll want to keep inside in one easily accessible spot (like maybe inside, on top of, or next to the cat carrier). My stroller has a trunk underneath it, and mom’s thinking that’s a good spot to keep my supplies in. I tell her it’ll make my gas mileage go down, but she doesn’t pay attention.

skAnyway, the basic things you definitely need to have in your cat emergency kit are (p.s. if you’re a dog owner, you can find a dog emergency kit checklist here:

  • sleepypod-outsidersYour cat’s carrier, of course. Have a few pillow cases inside, as well. Pillow cases can be useful for carrying your cat around in if your kitty’s having a hard time. Sometimes, in emergencies, we kind of freak out, and pillow cases may be the best way to get us from a home to a car or some other safe location (because we might freak out even more if we see that carrier come out).
  • Litter box and litter or puppy pee pads (puppy pee pads are less messy than litter, but it might be worth your time to test one out in your cat’s litter box to make sure s/he will actually use it before you rely solely on those in an emergency situation – they’re definitely lighter and easier to store than litter). Also, there are a number of different types of things you can use for litter boxes. There are cheap temporary litter boxes that you can buy that come pre-filled with litter, but you’ll still want to have extra litter or puppy pee pads. There are also foldable litter boxes that are easily stored. You can also use aluminum roasting pans as litter boxes (they’re light-weight and easy to store, as well).

    foldable litterbox

    Foldable litter box

  • Waste bags, like dog waste bags, for used litter.
  • Enough dry cat food for one week. Check with your local emergency kit store such as a surplus store; some of them will vacuum pack the food your cat’s used to eating for a small fee. Keeping things as similar as possible during an emergency makes a big difference, so ensuring your kitty can eat the food s/he’s used to can make a big difference …. especially if your kitty is on a special diet. But make sure you rotate the food, so that you don’t find yourself in an emergency situation with overly expired kitty food your cat won’t and/or shouldn’t eat.
  • Enough canned food for one week. Make sure to also bring along a can opener. Sometimes those pop-top cans break and you won’t be able to get them open without a can opener. Also, some cats are fed just canned food, so for those kitties, you can skip the dry food supply, but I would recommend adding a few extra cans of cat food just for safety’s sake.
  • 1280px-Anheuser-Busch_canned_drinking_waterEnough water for one week. There are a bunch of options for water. You can buy bottled water and rotate them out to ensure they don’t expire. There are also water pouches you can buy at emergency stores (REI comes to mind for these types of water pouches, but you can find them online, too). There are also cans of water, like soda cans only with water that are supposed to have a 50 year shelf life. I know some people worry about the plastic water container thing, so these might be a good option.
  • Towels and/or some other form of bedding. Make sure the bedding isn’t too big or cumbersome, though. Remember, you want all of your supplies to fit in one storage bin or cat carrier. If you have more than that, you’re taking too much.
  • Any medications your cat may be taking along with labeled bottles and dosage information printed on the label.
  • Current copies of veterinary records along with vaccine information in a waterproof container like a Ziploc bag.
  • Phone numbers of your veterinarian, relatives and friends (I know you have those in your cell phone, but you should write them down on paper in case something happens to your cell phone). An additional phone number for you to write down is for the Animal Poison Control Center (they may charge money for the phone call, though): 888-426-4465.
  • cathotelA list of pet friendly hotels not only in your area but also outside of your area. Red Cross Emergency centers often can’t allow pets, so having a backup list of other places to go (like hotels, friends or relatives) can help you keep your kitties with you.
  • Have a flashlight with extra batteries and/or emergency glow sticks.
  • Instructions for the care of your cat in case you have to leave us with someone else in a pinch.


Some optional items might include:

  • cfaPet first aid book
  • Pet first aid kit (you can find these on the internet)
  • Toys. If you don’t have room for toys, you know us cats: an empty box, wadded up paper or an empty toilet paper roll work just fine, too. And you can usually find paper and/or empty toilet paper rolls anywhere (in terms of toilet paper rolls, you should have a roll of toilet paper in your own emergency kit, so you can even wad up a bit of toilet paper for us to play with).
  • Temporary ID tags in case our original one falls off
  • Additional ID tags with additional contact information in case something happens to your cell phone. You can use the phone number of a relative or friend, but be sure to check with them first to make sure they’re ok with being a backup contact person in case of emergency.

Ticket to Drive

It’s official!!! I can legally drive my stroller now! I’m not sure my height is correct, though. I think I’m taller than that. And what’s with the stupid picture? Why does every cat I know have a bad driver’s license picture?

Whatever! I’m ready to go cruising around the neighborhood in my green stroller with my new driver’s license. Mom won’t hand over the keys, though. She says she still thinks of me as her little boy. Bah humbug!!!



It finally happened! I finally got to go on my stroller ride. The first picture is of me ready to go!! The second one is where I’m getting sleepy and ready to come home. Phew, it takes a lot out of a cat to go strolling around the neighborhood! But it was a nice day out today, almost chilly enough for my coat (which you can see on the bottom of my stroller in the 2nd picture). My coat is awfully warm, though, and today wasn’t that chilly!

Ma didn’t want to go out with me at night yet to see the Christmas Lights. She doesn’t think there’s enough of them up, yet, to make it worthwhile. I’m eager to see the Maddux Family Annual Christmas Lights, which ma says were just fabulous last year! When I get done with this post, I’m going to go right over to their facebook page and like them so I can keep up-to-date on when those are done. Then I’m going to make ma walk me over there to see them! I’m so excited; I can’t wait!


Guess what else I did today? I discovered that there are 2 … yes 2 animal museums right here in L.A. (I live in the boonies … you can’t get much farther outside of L.A. before actually leaving it). The first one is called the National Museum of Animals & Society. They were actually just able to open up in an actual location, rather than being a virtual museum, in East Hollywood. I wish they’d let me go on a tour of it, but sadly, they allow service animals only. Do therapy cats count? I’m not one of those, either, but I love people and want to become a therapy cat someday. I’d love to visit people in nursing homes, hospice care and hospitals. I know how lonely it can get in one of those places (I was in the hospital to have a toe removed a few years ago). I’d love to cheer someone up by purring on their lap or playing with toys with them. Ma says getting certified is expensive, though. So sad.

The second animal museum is in Pasadena. It’s called the Animal History Museum. I’d offer to check out their cat display to make sure everything’s in order, but sadly they only allow service animals, too.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is another nice day for another stroller ride. Hopefully I won’t get so sleepy this time!

My Stroller

My Stroller

This is me in my stroller. I’m ready to go!

Hi! My name’s Todd. I’m an orange tabby. I love going for stroller rides (and laps, and laser pointers, and hogging pillows at night), and seeing all the sites in the neighborhood. Soon, it’ll be Christmas. That means the whole neighborhood will be decorated with Christmas lights and displays. I’ve been promised a view of all this glorious wonder. I can’t wait.

So, what’s the point of this blog, you ask? The point is me. I’m a handsome fellow, here to entertain you with my travel stories, my life on the road. And sometimes, I’ll post about interesting stories, like the kitty in the U.K. who was stuck on a viaduct for 2 days or about Maru’s new buddy, Hana. And, of course, the singing Russian kittens are cute, aren’t they?

I can’t promise I’ll post often, but I’ll try.