Look What I’ve found

I just ran across an artist named Shelagh Duffett from Nova Scotia who does artwork, and a lot of it is cat-themed. I love her work; it’s beautiful. Maybe, if you like the samples you see here, you might want to wander over to her etsy shop at Alice In Paris. She has her artwork for sale at a really reasonable rate. I’m not sure how much she sells the originals for, but I do love what she has on her site. I hope you like her artwork as much as I do.

Because Finding a Cure is Important

Cancer isn’t just for humans. Dogs and cats get it, too. No matter what species, the results can be devastating; the group that put the video together, Pet Trust (a Canadian organization), say that cancer takes the lives of 1 in 4 dogs and 1 in 8 cats. So some cool dogs put together this video to help spread the word and to help raise funds to find a cure. I think this is well worth sharing.