Last Minute Gift Idea

Downton-Tabby-1There’s a fabulous new book out called Downton Tabby! It sells for just $10, but I’ve seen it on sale for only $8. How can you beat that price? If anyone’s looking for a fabulous gift, for your friends, family – or ME! – this could be it! Check it out now! I just wish I could have been in it!

Downtown Abbey – Cat and Dog version

toddsjacketVisit this link to view artful renderings of cats and dogs in clothes. To me, these are super cute; I personally have a leather jacket I like to wear sometimes. Picture #12, the one entitled “Thomas Barrow as a siamese cat“, reminds me of Max. I’d love to see Max in a tuxedo; he’d hate it. What do you think? Should cats wear clothes? Post your thoughts in the “Leave a Reply” area below!