fintodI was going through some photos today, and came across an oldie but goodie. This is me and Finn, hanging at the beach. I only wish I could have gotten a photo of me and Finn with Anders, too. We’re good pals and I miss hissing at Finn and ignoring Anders. Best of buds!

Ticket to Drive

It’s official!!! I can legally drive my stroller now! I’m not sure my height is correct, though. I think I’m taller than that. And what’s with the stupid picture? Why does every cat I know have a bad driver’s license picture?

Whatever! I’m ready to go cruising around the neighborhood in my green stroller with my new driver’s license. Mom won’t hand over the keys, though. She says she still thinks of me as her little boy. Bah humbug!!!

My Stroller

My Stroller

This is me in my stroller. I’m ready to go!

Hi! My name’s Todd. I’m an orange tabby. I love going for stroller rides (and laps, and laser pointers, and hogging pillows at night), and seeing all the sites in the neighborhood. Soon, it’ll be Christmas. That means the whole neighborhood will be decorated with Christmas lights and displays. I’ve been promised a view of all this glorious wonder. I can’t wait.

So, what’s the point of this blog, you ask? The point is me. I’m a handsome fellow, here to entertain you with my travel stories, my life on the road. And sometimes, I’ll post about interesting stories, like the kitty in the U.K. who was stuck on a viaduct for 2 days or about Maru’s new buddy, Hana. And, of course, the singing Russian kittens are cute, aren’t they?

I can’t promise I’ll post often, but I’ll try.