My Uncle’s Dog, Princess

Just imagine you’re me for a moment. Imagine you wander out into your yard as ¬†you normally do (escaping through the front door by darting between or around the humans’ legs). Imagine you run into this thing in the video. Imagine how fast you’d run away. That was me with my uncle’s dog, Princess. I’m still unsure of that whole going outside thing, even though Princess has gone back home now. Mom thinks that’s good, but I miss tearing around the house in a happy catnipped high!

Dog … a copilot?

My mom’s brother …. I guess that would be my uncle … came to visit for Christmas. He has a dog who’s name is Princess Babaloo. Princess likes to play with kitties, or so I’m told. I didn’t really understand the game. I went outside to meet Princess and she’s HUGE (a pitbull mix, maybe with some boxer in there). Princess started running towards me and I ran away. Princess thought it was a game of chase and started running after me. I made it back inside safely, but mom said I made Princess sad because I wouldn’t play with her. What kind of game is that, anyway? I stayed safely away from her and am now not too sure about that whole going outside thing. There are dogs out there! Scary.

Anyway, here’s a video of me with a new Christmas feather my Uncle bought for me. I like him. He patted me, and held me, and loved me, and bought me feathers!